Our story

I am a happy mother of three happy kids and I would like to share our story with You.

“Mama Knows Best” was established with a sincere desire to help little ones enjoy their first years with no skin irritations and to ease the everyday life of their parents, by giving the opportunity to choose high-quality diapers from Japan.

I truly believe, that even though we are not always as perfect at parenting as we would like to be, when it comes to selecting what’s best for our children, we always know the right answer.

ALBWe moved to Finland from Lithuania, where Japanese diapers are sold in the market for more than 5 years. I was never the one who cared much about expensive brands, nor the one who followed the latest trends. I was always looking for the most practical and logical solutions. And that’s why our start was using regular diapers, that were the most popular and cost-effective. I always thought that diapers, that are twice more expensive than regular, is just a matter of being fancy and showing how much You can spend, but not the “real thing”. But I was wrong. And that’s how we discovered Japanese diapers.

With the first kid I tried to follow the best grandmothers’ practice and use cotton-based reusable diapers, then soon realized that I don’t want my baby to sit in wet cloth all the way to the nearest baby-changing spot. As she was having her menu whenever she wanted, the changing-time was also unpredictable and usually happened in the middle of a car journey or any other similar situation where You cannot immediately change the wet thing. I am not the one to sit at home all day long, so we switched to disposable diapers after a few months. We tested all the brands that were on the market, but nothing helped her sensitive skin. Every time it was a hot day, or she had fever, her bottom went red and it lasted for at least a week. We also tried all the creams, but even if they were healing the irritation, the skin was not dry, and a new irritation followed immediately. Our doctor recommended trying Japanese diapers as they are known for their gentleness to the skin. We tried buying one bag and the skin irritation disappeared. Forever.

The second child was not so sensitive, actually, he didn’t have any skin problems at all, so after the first couple of months, we decided to switch back to more cost-effective option. But soon we faced a new challenge – leakage. First, I thought it was a coincidence, plus he is an active boy, so it might happen sometimes. I was always prepared with 2-3 pairs of extra trousers. But leakage repeated almost every day, so I started looking for a solution. And it was again the Japanese diapers, particularly – “Merries”, which are much wider than regular ones. That’s how we managed our leakage challenge.

When a third child joined our family, his belly button didn’t heal that well. We had almost two months of unpleasant daily procedures to finally fix that pretty button. At that point I knew exactly what diapers are best for my baby’s sore belly button and delicate skin. And I never changed my mind since then.

That’s only our family story. You can find plenty of positive reviews online as well. Also, we would be more than happy if You shared Your feedback about “Merries” experience with us at support@mamaknowsbest.fi


Sincerely Yours,